Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BLUE Tuesday Morning!

Brrr...this is the scene out my window these days...(with a little help from my photo editor, of course)

How does anyone else feel motivated on a cold day like this? Here in "Winterpeg", it is not even seven in the morning and I have already exhausted visiting all my FAVORITE blogs which inspire me! Nothing NEW is posted yet as everyone is still sleeping, in bed where I would also be, but a head ache forced me to stumble out of bed to ingest some aspirins about an hour ago...but I can still type, so those aspirins are helping! Now if only, I felt like doing something productive...and what is that you ask?
I was having disastrous results with finishing the border and sashing on my 2009 A Tisket a Tasket quilt and feel I have to put that project on the back burner for awhile...but yesterday I just couldn't wait any longer and have started another project, Anne Sutton's "Snowbound"!!! I just had to start using that fabric. Not only was the price right, but it all needed 'fondling' badly! Needless to say I am wondering if every project I have started recently is using BLUE fabric!!! Perhaps the block I started also has the Monday morning 'blues', although I do intend to change that soon! I am trying something different this time! Using darker background fabric as I just did not like my white snowman on an off white background.

However, it is Tuesday today and I always look forward to the 'New Topic Tuesday' Jeanne has posted for our group, that is the 2010 TEA and COFFEE QUILT ALONG! Yes, the group's members have found all kinds of links for FREE patterns too and have posted photos on Flickr of their creative works! That reminds me, have I already posted a blog of my first block?
Jeanne's ideas have been wonderful and has our entire group buzzing with discussions and excitement...and that reminds me, if you want to join a FUN and TALENTED (hmm...do I humble myself here?) group, LOVE tea or coffee themed projects, this group may be the 'cup of tea' for you! It is FREE to join! Sit down with your cuppa and check us out HERE! I have some new ideas "BREWING' on the back burner, but hopefully new ideas will be HOT soon....that is if my brain does not remain dormant...after all I did feel like hibernating this winter!

If you are not into quilting, how about embroidery as our group members do this too! In fact I am considering doing some emboridery for my next block. It all depends what my mind construes for an idea to portray JOY!
Trusting you all have a wonderful day...and week and please return to check my blog or bookmark these links for more browsing! I promise to have more photos soon...oops that reminds me...I also signed up for a Beaded Journal Project as I love bead work...hmmm...I do think I have enough WIP'S for 2010 already and it is only the second week in January!

PS. I just knew Jeanne would post her new Topic Tuesday for something to read...and I see she has posted it! This gal not only quilts beautifully, she is quite a writer also!

PS...and if your day is BLUE, try CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate is proof God wants us to be happy. - Flickr site

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chocolate....it's not just for breakfast anymore!
~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Equal arts of light and dark chocloate make a balanced diet.

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