Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hankering for a Handkerchief

I refer to my favorite thrift store "VV Boutique" instead of it's original name "Value Village". Yes, shopping at VV Boutique is one thing my husband and I have in common. Of course DH is also 'thrifty', and not a collector therefore will not buy anything unless he can eat or wear it. Because thrift stores NEVER carry food items, DH usually is found in the clothing or housewares section where I should be! However, I often wonder why we have at least half a dozen thermoses, tea kettles and portable radios accumulating in our home! They seem to multiply like baby bunnies! But then I understand how DH prefers his coffee in a thermos as this reminds him he is travelling! And if he only paid twenty five cents for the container, he is even happier!

I was in the thrift store today...and I immediately made a bee line to the craft section. I seldom peruse the clothing section as I can never find anything in my size that does not either smell of moth balls or looks too old. Unless the clothing still has a factory tag and is my size will I even be interested. However, the last time I bought eight pieces of clothing for one dollar a piece, everything fit me! In this six month lapse, I have only worn two of the purchased garments. But it is always necessary to have more than one pair of black trousers, isn't it?

Hopefully, I have passed the stage of 'collecting' vintage clothing. How could I resist a burgundy velvet skirt for fifty cents when I can use it for my crazy patchwork? Well, my friend had asked me to pick up a vintage garment for the same idea of converting to a dress for her antique doll, but I knew I would NEVER part with my find! I can see her hesitancy in the cashier's eyes as she peers at the tag on the skirt then at me; she probably thinks I actually intend to wear this extra-small sized skirt! Not a chance! I just smile at her as I hand her my two tax! Yeah!

Well, the thrift store today, operated by the Salvation Army had few treasures; perhaps no one has started their spring cleaning yet! But shopping there was a great alternative to garage sales, which I love! DH also forgot when he turned down this one street that there was a thrift store located there. He asked me how I knew about this place. I non-chalantly replied I follow this route whenever I venture to that part of the city to perform my 'errands'. DH tends to suggest I make my trip worthwhile as gas is so expensive! However, he does not realize I never need an excuse to shop! DH also forgot that I love garage sales and my car should have a sign reading: "This car stops at all garage sales and thrift stores!" Someday, I may find enough courage to blog about my most embarrassing outing to a 'garage' sale.

Today, I did find a few little treasures that I just had to have! DH checked out some sweaters, however reported the prices were too high, but I clutched an embroidered hankie and a wee bottle of perfume still in it's original package! My treasure to be was ONLY 49 cents! Oh if only it were 'senior's' day as I would have handed over my cash and selections for my senior husband to qualify for a senior discount! What can a person purchase for this price these days? However, my other item was a quilting book priced at $6.99; buying 'another' quilting book was debatable! The book was really NOT my style of patterns, however I reluctantly paid the price telling the cashier I was making a charitable donation (and I convinced myself there were teapot quilts in this book! I expressed I would have to live to be one hundred to complete all the projects I wanted to do.

However, finding that hankie was pretty exciting for me! We never had time to stop for that cup of coffee, therefore I tried to convince DH, my new found treasure for 49 cents made me happier than the coffee anyway! And because the activity at our next doll club meeting was 'Hankering for a Dress', that is using a handkerchief to make a dress for Barbie, I exited the store with a smile on my face. I pondered 'what am I doing' as I must already own over two dozen vintage hankies in my 'collection'! Besides today's find was pretty, dainty and 'NEW'...well in it's original package. I wondered whether the flowers were hand embroidered or machine stitched. Oh, if only all the fancy vintage linens I found could relate their little "snotty" stories. Whenever I see vintage needle work, a mental image of a little lady stitching perfect stitches comes to mind. Why is it hand embroidery is almost considered a dying art? Not only are these vintage hankies embroidered, most have neatly crocheted or tatted edging. I crochet and I tat, therefore I appreciate how much time and patience can be involved in creating these delicate hankies.
Well, now I anticipate our hankie dress activity; however, I ask myself one question: "why is it that I never can be happy with just ONE?".

Another thought came to mind as I was reflecting...I can always use my new purchase for my Hankie Quilt or CQ work. Pam, another fellow blogger has been using these little hankies for her Garden Quilt. Please check out her work here. Her work and site is most inspiring! Hmm...I had better perform a Google search to check out inspiration for other hankie quilts...look at all the amazing results I find! Isn't technology wonderful! And to think there are MORE hankies out there just waiting for me to find! Here is one of my favourites! be continued...

I am relieved I am not the only person with this passion! HERE IS AN INTERESTING ARTICLE ABOUT 'HANKIE COUTURE'...


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Jeanne said...

Lucky you Cheryl to have a thrift store with such cheap prices. Our thrift stores don't even have a pair of socks for 49 cents.
I'm not sure I would want to know the stories hankies could tell. It could be a lot of snotty stories! :-) Sorry for the tacky humor. I couldn't resist!
Love you,
Jeanne :-)

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