Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BUNNY HILL'S Jumping for JOY "SNOWBOUND " Project

Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs has done it again! She is offering another year of fun and free patterns! Not only does Anne design wonderful quilts, she runs a business, and composes a fabulous blog! What a doll she is! If you are ready to be inspired in 2010, please check some of Anne's posts!

I had so much fun stitching the "A Tisket a Tasket" BOM in 2009 and was thinking I was going to be enduring applique withdrawl in 2010 , but Anne generously is offering FREE patterns again. And the blocks are entitled "Snowbound"...and who does not like snowmen? Well I think Anne will feature more than this one snowman (or snow 'lady') in her BOM project, don't you?

I had purchased approximately six pieces of snow related fabrics on SALE, and have decided I had better use for this fabric ASAP, as my stash need NOT grow any more. The price was right at 65% discount. And the weather has been frightful here with frigid, record-breaking temperatures...perfect for my diving right in and completing my first block. After experiencing some disappointment in adding the sashing and border to my TAT blocks, I was intending on taking a break from these blocks, but I am addicted especially to the hand applique sttiching. I find this most relaxing and therapeutic...also because my sewing machine is too antiquated and does not have a blanket stich option.

I feel this block is very different from my previous blocks as I chose a dark fabric as I just could not see myself stitching a snowman on the lighter she is. Guess it is difficut to determine the sex of snowflakes, but the pink heart buttons are rather are giveaway, don't you think? And I have learned how to line my lighter pieces in this block, therefore the snow lady is warm and cozy with her doubly lined coat. But then who has ever heard of a snow person getting cold?

I think I am going to have a riot doing this quilt! As once I post my photo on Flickr, one tends automatically meets many fun and talented quilters. And what happens when a bunch of snowflakes stick together? One gets snow people of course....SEW if you like snowman and sewing, please come join the fun!

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