Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy PINK Saturday

Isn't it wonderful to have all these blogs to 'jog' my memory as today is Pink Saturday. As DH set a cup of coffee in front of me and asked me what I was doing today, I told him I am posting a PINK Saturday post. Alas, there are dozens of heavenly blogs out there! DH then asks me if I have anything PINK? Well, my patient, understanding and loving DH knows that my entire house would be all pink if he did not live here. So I grabbed my camera and captured this photo of just a portion of my angel collection....most of the angels are pink as you can see. I was trying to take a photo of just one of my pink angels, but then thought why not include all of them to share with you.

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!
PS. Please forgive me for the poor quality of this photo. I have a new camera but just have not read the instructions booklet yet to operate. And would you believe the camers is PINK!


The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. ~George Elliot

Friday, July 30, 2010

Star quilt blocks


Bless her heart. Bradie Sparrow is providing wonderful tutorials for a Summer Star Sampler Quilt Along. I am thoroughly enjoying making the blocks so far. I started using remnants of fabric from my stash and so far, I have not deviated to the LFS...yippee! I am busting my stash!

Moving right along with this summer project, here are Blocks 7 and 8 for the sampler. After we make the blocks, most of us members post our work with the Flickr Summer Star Sampler Group to be critiqued by other viewers. Do you have a minute or too for a peek?

I am running out of background fabric and may have to add another subtle white with black print. We are more than half complete the smaller blocks. Now do I challenge making the large intermediate block, the decision I will be making soon. I did encounter block 8 more complicated than the other star patterns, so hopefully I will be able to attempt that large middle block! This quilt along is wonderful fun!

Not only have I caught up with all projects...except for the Pinwheel Crazies next block, I even sewed three blocks of the Sister Star using my scraps only! Hopefully some my hoard of blue celestial patterns intended for my Millennium quilt will be used for this scrap quilt. My Buddie made one of these Sister Star quilts as a block lottery and I really LOVE it. Maybe just some of the quilts on my very long TO DO list have a chance after all. Tutorial to make these blocks soon.

In looking through my scraps for these star quilts, I just had to make another crazy quilting block...something for me to stitch while I enjoy the fresh air in my gazebo this weekend...between swatting those ever increasing swarms of mosquitoes...perhaps DH may just have to use our screen after all! I even did my share of picking those nasty weeds that seem to be growing faster than ever this year!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

BLUE MONDAY & Summer Quilt Along Projects

Sorry I am behind in my blogging. I have been sewing more than usual for summer sewing! A couple of the ladies in the Flickr tea group 'coaxed' me to participate in a Mystery Quilt featured by Planet Patchwork. Needless to say, my DH said "GO FOR IT ". SEW I did! And I am very Happy 2 Sew, as not only did I have a great time trying to keep up to the seven steps of sewing instructions posted within the first six hours of the mystery, I finished my top! However, this pattern was much more complicated than my first Planet Patchwork mystery as I did make an error with one of my fabric colors and had to do some ripping. However, I sat out in the gazebo with my puppy and even enjoyed the 'reverse stitching' as it gave me a chance to relax and marvel over the Joy of quilting! I think it is marvelous to be able to find all these wonderful online tutorials and projects virtually 'free' to participate in! I appreciate all the time and effort members sacrifice in sponsoring these sites! All in all, I had a great time and can barely wait for the next mystery quilt along featured on Planet Patchwork.

I finished sewing my quilt top in two days and am one of the fourteen members whose quilts are posted on Flickr.

I had also caught up with the other quilt along projects I joined, that is:

1. Bradie Sparrow's Summer Star Quilt Along

2. "pickles & bacon" Star Sampler Quilt Along.

If you want to particplate tutorials to the blocks are posted weekly on the website's sidebar.

You can view members blocks here: Flickr photos of p & b star sampler quilt along.

Hopefully I will be brave enough to actually machine quilt one of these tops!

Firstly, the four pink, black and white blocks for Bradie Sparrow's Summer Star Sampler Quilt Along are done and displayed above. I have always wanted to do a pink and black quilt from my stash, and when I found an inspiring pink and black remnant piece of fabric, I knew exactly how I was going to sew it immediately. Now I am finishing Block 5. Block 6 is done and coming next post later this week.

Secondly here is my finished "Merry Mayhem's Lucky Stars Mystery Quilt". Other entries can be seen here on Flickr:

Here is the link to the first mystery Quilt I made:

I now have approximately six completed quilt tops waiting to be quilted plus 3 WIP's...eeks, I had better get busy, hadn't I?

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you visit again soon. Take care.
PS. If anyone is interested in joining these quilt alongs, it is never too late. All the blocks have wonderful online tutorials. I have tried to include most of the links to the great tutorials at the bottom of my Flickr photos.
PSS: I received a very touching comment re one of my earlier posts yesterday. Such a sweet lady, Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs, I love your blog!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Star Sampler Quilt Along 2010

Well, it has either been raining OR the weather has been too hot. I could not sleep last night because I had too many projects on my mind. Then our active little dog jumped up on our bed and lavishly starts licking my face. Yes, I don't know what it is about my horrid jungle mouth breath but Ms Marlee is so full of kisses in the mornings. And I am so happy to see her feeling better as we had her to the vet's a week ago and she had not been a happy puppy all last week. My heart ached to see my baby not feeling good. However, even puppies have 'health issues. (c:

After letting out the dog, I check she is napping in a chair in the gazebo while the air is still cool, I sit down and finish this block I had started last night. Why did I start another block? I dunno...perhaps I was caught up to the two other quilt along groups I had joined, so felt 'guilty' about all the fabric piled up on my kitchen table. I had purchased the black and hot pink polka dotted remnant for sixty cents and it was talking to me...of course PINK always talks to me IYKWIM.

It was overcast outside so no sun to enjoy or weeds to pick. I couldn't even go for a walk as DH is glued to the weather channel saying it is going to rain any minute. I sit back and sip my coffee...oops time for a refill. I did not feel 'guilty' about sewing at all as even DH was making great excuses for me!

What could I do besides sew? I could finish the custom order I have for Etsy, but that will only take a few hours. Or I could start reading another book. Or there are plenty of those four letter words that spell DUTY: IRON, DUST, WASH, COOK!

DH knows where I am 'working' he sets a steaming cup of coffee in front of me here as I type. Oh, ain't life grand? Rain all you want, Mr Weatherman because I would sooner SEW anyway!


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Blogs are so much fun and I have many blogs that I love to read. This may be one reason my housework is 'on hold' for today anyway. Of course, Hubby was still in bed, so I snuck into my computer room. I found an enchanting blog entry on Pam Kellogg's Kitty and Me blog this morning, plus she has a lovely GIVEAWAY.

Now I also see there is a PINK SATURDAY group where bloggers show and tell something this a delightful thought. I LOVE PINK and have lots of exciting items to tell you about. In fact, if I had my way probably everything in my house would be pink! Oh dear, my poor husband has to put up with silly me!

And my item for Pink Saturday is this block of cupcakes in a picnic basket I made for Anne Sutton's Project, "A Tisket A Tasket, 2009".

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

p&b star sampler quilt along

Yup, I started another quilt along...the fabrics were calling to me. (c:

THANK YOU Audrey for your wonderful tutorials and patterns!!
I was on holidays and had quilting withdrawl! Weather was too hot and raining, therefore I started another 'quilty' project! I am using blue and green remnant pieces and 'scraps' from my stash to do this great quilt along. Tutorial and free pattern for block 1 here:

AMAZING AND FUN block to make. Tutorial and free pattern for block 2 here:

Fun block...Tutorial and free pattern for block 3 here:

Fun block...thank you Audrey! Used the centre square fabric in my May TAT block. Tutorial and free pattern for block 4 here:

This was the simplest of the five patterns, however I made lots of booboos sewing it together, but it was fun to do! Tutorial and pattern for block 5 here:

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