Saturday, January 23, 2010

TAT'S Finished...well maybe?

Please NOTE the dark blue border at the top is our wallpaper border, not the quilt; I purposely used the short form TAT for "A Tisket A Tasket" .

I entitled this WIP 'finished', however, I am still not sure about this border fabric and quilting may be delayed for a bit. Fabric is from my 'stash' and I love the fabric, especially those roses, and the color. However, when I first posted this photo to Flickr someone suggested the large flowers competed with the baskets. In fact, I have had second thoughts about the sashing also as would you believe my first sashing was in a pretty green that really looked nice, I thought. I thought the green really pulled out the greens in my individual blocks, but what about my other colors, tha tis my rich burgundies and pinks? Of course I also needed my DH's opinion as I sewed. DH assured me the green sashing really looked nice.

However, I couldn't sleep the day I had added the green, waking up at three in the morning, turning on the lights to check IF I really had accomplished that much. Well, have you ever had nights like this when you wake up, not feeling 100% well emotionally then tend to relate the pukey feeling to something that happened during the day? Well, believe me, this pretty green sashing did not look 'pretty' at three o'clock in the morning and almost made me sick to my stomach.

One remedy came to mind! What time is it? All the fabric stores in the immediate area did not open until nine or even ten! Could I wait that long? I hurriedly pack up my car with my WIP, and extra blocks, etc. and head out of town to a quilt shop just half an hour out of town! I was going for HELP or at least for another opinion! I was keeping my fingers crossed the shop would be 'open'. It was! The ladies starting pulling out fabrics that were workable, had 'punch'...and I was feeling elated, relieved, and excited about this new shopping experience. Well, a quilter can never legitimize her trip to a LQS without exiting with a bag of fabric, can they? I had used about a quarter of a tank of gas, therefore it was my responsiblity to make my trip worthwhile. After, all my shopping, I felt I was in heaven as I now had not one, but two bags of goodies! I couldn't wait to return home with my 'new' purchases, RIP off the now 'sickly' green, replacing the green with the new pretty pink. I was so excited! It took me two whole hours to rip, but I was loving every minute as I could already envision this pretty pink sashing doing the trick! Pink is my favorite color any ways..besides blue...well 'one' of my favorite colors!

I sewed the entire day...then couldn't wait to post my photo to Flickr for viewers critiques...however, something was not quite right yet! Now that I reflect, perhaps that nauseated feeling was my coming down with the dreaded stomach flu.

I wait in front of my monitor for my first HIT! Three hits, and nothing, then it comes...a viewer leaves a comment...she thinks the roses compete with my baskets. That did it!!!...but didn't I ask for suggestions from other experienced quilters? I soon delete the photo from any more critiques. Now what do I do?

My stomach is feeling nauseated again!!! I considered replacing the border with a smaller print..however I still LOVE these roses and just could not imagine my wasting all that lovely fabric. After all I can almost smell these roses! Perhaps the fabric being sentimental to me as 'roses mean remembrance' and I did sew this quilt in memory of my Dad. My love for roses is another story as I think I have roses in most of my blocks. I had spent SEW much time hand appliqueing all those blocks. Needless to realize, this entire sashing was or should I say IS now my first 'saga' of 2010. In the meantime, I will work on my other WIP's. Hmmm...and I just realize perhaps this is why I may be notorious for having more than one WIP. I asked my DH if he thinks I have OCD, (which thankfully I do NOT have)...I just know I like 'nice' things and if I do something, I am very conscientious and will excel. I feel God has blessed me with my love to work with my hands.

Back to my quilt top...I hung the top in my room and I must have looked at it one hundred times, trying to figure out what I am going to do. I squinted at it, smiled at it, peeked at it, ignored it, poked at it, wrote about, asked several friends about it and even cried at it. Alas, I never realized this quilting is serious stuff! I have also purchased MORE fabric for that border, but when I hold my 'possible purchase up to the border, it does nothing for me. So for now I am a basket case! I almost feel ill about all this, but a lesson is learned, or has it? I now vow, if I ever tackle another major year long project...well to be truthful many of my projects have been works in progress (WIPs) for more than a year, I VOW, and promise myself to select my border first, then pull my colors from the border. However I really 'bonded' with this BOM (block of the month). I have met so many wonderful, talented friends on Flickr! These freinds have become such a part of my life now. I check my NEW groups DAILY to view the new additions to our happy little family...yes we are expanding! I now belong to three Flickr groups and projects: 2010 Tea and Coffee Quilt Along, Snowbound and A Tisket a Tasket group.

And this reminds, I missed posting Ms Snowlady with her

'B * L * I * N * G *', as I stitched some lettering and beads on this block.

And now please tag along for a virtual tour...grab your coffee and see what us quilters are up to.


...I have more than one come to mind

"When in doubt, just take the next small step."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Frame every so-called disaster with these words ''In five years, will this matter?".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have a wonderful day, my friends.


What Comes Next? said...

Oh my! Quite the saga with this quilt. I think it must really have just been a spot of stomach flu that got you. I still look at it and see a beautiful quilt! But you are right, when something just doesn't seem right, we can spend endless hours trying to sort out exactly what we think is off. Good luck!

happy zombie said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

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