Friday, January 1, 2010

Return of the Wonderful One-Day New Years Mystery! - I DID IT!

Here is my Mystery Quilt I sewed January 1, 2010. I decided to do it after all! I am pretty happy with the end result. It is lap quilt size, that is 42 inches by 54 inches. (approximately eight hours of cutting and sewing); I would definitely do this again!

On Friday, January 1, 2010, Planet Patchwork once again hosted one of its most popular events, the Wonderful One-Day Mystery. This much-anticipated day-long quilt project featured Inspector Merry Mayhem's newest mystery offering, "Have a Nice Trip."

If you haven't participated in one of our mysteries before, here's how it worked. Planet Patchwork posted, in advance, the fabric requirements, cutting instructions, and general information to get me started before mystery day. I had time to raid my stash or visit several local quilt shops to purchase the fabric and tools I needed. However, I did not cut the pieces for the quilt before hand, since this seems to be the most time-consuming part of the process. I did everything today and wished I were more organized to have done before hand.

Then today at noon, my husband went to see his grand children, as he was warned I may sew, so shortly after he left, I got busy! It was too COLD out to venture any where! Minus 32 Celsius!Planet Patchwork Mystery Quilt was in my plans!

Now, where did I save the link to the site...and after five or ten minutes, I successfully performed a Google 'mystery quilt search and found it!!!!

HELP! Very organized mystery installments were posted and I was already behind by two installments! Each webpage or if you preferred to use, PDF files explained construction of the quilt top without revealing what the final product would look like. I was able to see the design unfold as I proceeded.

After cutting and sewing almost steadily for six hours or so, I became tired and my shoulders and neck were sore. At the end of the day, I ALMOST had a lap quilt top....

I know I won't have to set my alarm clock for tomorrow as my dear husband is usually up and clanging the coffee pot around six or seven, so I will be awake early in the morning to sew the remaining two strips and the two panels at the top and bottom of the quilt...but do I dare photo as I have a friend who wants to do this project too, and I do not feel it would be fun to reveal the mystery design AFTER she has a chance to make hers....after all not knowing what the final design is is part of the fun! Now to finish at my leisure with backing, batting, and quilting stitches.

The day is also accompanied by a chat room where mystery quilters can compare notes and talk to the mystery designer, Merry May. I was too late to qualify for the door prizes given throughout the day through random drawings, however will be sure to register early in advance for their next mystery quilt featured at different times annually.

After mystery day, participants can post photos of finished tops at Planet Patchwork's Flickr site. You can see examples of previous mysteries in the beautiful galleries that are posted there. Please have a look!

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