Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Close Up Photos of My Crazy Patch Embroidery

This is Button Cluster of some Victorian buttons...I love cameos...The verticl seam on the left is the Double Herringbone Stitch. Check here:
for a wonderful Stitch Library by Sharon B.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Here is my pre-sewn, ready to stitch 10 inch Crazy Quilt HEART PATCH Block! Hopefully while it is too cold to venture to the quilt store, more are in the works!

'Hot off the ironing board' and ready to embellish! I wanted something with Valentine's theme. It seems all my fabrics are in the pinks, burgundies or reds...such a 'romantic' quilter my friends tells me...(SMILE). And my huge stash of laces may just get a work out as I sewed up this block this afternoon. I loved sewing these colors and fabrics so much, I now intend to make an entire quilt using this identical pattern. (or at least enter my famed WIP stash)

MATERIALS:100 percent cotton, poly cotton have been used for this block


I believe my design is unique especialy for crazy patch work, but I wanted more blocks to be more 'regimented' and not so 'crazy'.

Crazy Life

Crazy Life
"Quilting is my passion...chocolate comes in a close second."

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I love to sew