Monday, November 2, 2009

Dreaming with my eyes open?

As I turn the calendar to a new month, I ponder what my posts for the month will be as I am sure you must grow weary of my craft posts.

I have been anticipating a new project for my quilting class on Friday. I had some custom orders to fill and have left my quilting aside. The pattern everyone is doing is really nice, but I have such outdated fabrics and wonder if my fabris will be 'worth the effort'. Then do fabrics ever outdate themselves? I still love the 30's quilt fabrics!

My stash includes 'numerous' blue celestial fabrics I had collected for my Millennium Quilt and what ever happened to that quilt...I wish I could find it! I had assembled approximately five blocks for my Millennium Quilt, but that was TEN years ago! I must admit, I have too much fabric and really need to organize it better. I had all my colors sorted and stored in my cupboard here in my spare room, but the cupboard literally fell apart, the fabric too heavy for the construction of that lousy cabinet! I have since been moving all my fabrics to another cupboard...a slow process. Perhaps my dream of having my own sewing room will come true.

Alas...I decide to wait 'patiently' for the release of our FREE pattern on November 5th for 'A Tisket a Tasket' ...THANK YOU ANNE SUTTON FOR THESE WONDERFUL DESIGNS!

Out comes my mystery cross stitch project closest WIP nearing completion!
"What we do is less than a drop in the ocean. But if that drop were missing, the ocean would lack something". - Mother Teresa

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