Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Completed NEW Fashion Doll, Eve

Another two dolls assembled!

I painted these dolls last month and finally assembled their bodies over the weekend. Two doll club members are interested in taking doll classes with me. This doll, Eve is 'doll-ightful' as she has an all porcelain body and a very nice doll to dress, display. I costumed both these dolls for Halloween. One Eve wears a leopard outfit and of course I wanted to make her 'purr-ty' so added the maribu to simulate a fussy cat tail...I only wished I had used GREEN eyes for her instead of the blue, but the blue ones are the only color I had in stock.
The other Eve is in a black dress, my 'good' witch. These dolls will be on my display shelf, but if anyone is wanting to purchase them, I will part with these and just have to make more.

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