Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's official. Jeanne's 2010 "Quilt Along (subject Tea/ Coffee)" has started! And we now have 17 members signed up on Flickr. Discussions have started and our creative and talented administrator is recruiting many wonderful members, comments, free patterns, inspiration and exciting plans for the group!

I have been collecting teapot designs for years and I am very excited about this project, I just may have to make two quilts! I can't wait to see all the buzzing and excitement know what all us quilting coffee and tea lovers can chat about while we are sipping our favorite beverage. Yes we can quilt and drink tea at the same time...(well almost). If you have an idea or are interested in joining this group, please feel welcome to check us out! Drop by for a cuppa!

Many of the members have been posting links to wonderful inspirational websites and patterns...yes one can enjoy EYE CANDY here too!

Just wait to see WHO, WHAT AND WHEN the first teapot block will be posted! Finish up your 2009 WIP's and start something NEW in 2010.

And my saying for the day is:

"A great way to warm up those cold winter days is QUILT and sip a hot cup of tea...?"
~ ~ ~ ~
"Tea is liquid wisdom." ~Anonymous

I have already learned lots about `high`tea and hope to learn more!

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Jeanne said...

Great post cheryl, I wonder how we could some how get a vitual high tea going with our TEAQA group. I will have to think on this for next year.
Jeanne :-)

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