Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jumping in with both feet?

I was checking my favorite blogs this morning, and something attracted me to Gerry's blog. I am always inspired by her work and needed inspiration to start something new. I was feeling my Block of the Month was drawing to completion and I needed another project to motivate my insatiable creative juices?

Well, I guess I jumped in with both feet! I wanted to join Robin Atkin's Bead Journal Project ever since I saw a beaded project posted on the internet several years ago. I was consumed with beads when I started CQ embroidery and another member purchased the last book on beaded Embroidery! I also heavily embellished my hand applique block in August and felt a compulsion to pursue this hobby. I really needed another hobby! but the weather here is already cold and I intend to hiberante through the cold! Surely I have time for another WIP!

Please check out these beaded projects here:


I enjoyed checking out the gallery and drooled at several of the projects members completed during the years. Well worth the time to go browsing through the gallery...now I am keeping my fingers crossed my registration will be accepted.

"I don't believe you choose your passion, your passion chooses you."

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