Friday, September 4, 2009

What's in YOUR project Bag?

Pat Sloan's newsletter sounds like FUN! So I joined. Check out what Pat writes:
"What's in YOUR project Bag?

I'm having such a GREAT time with my project bag I decided to issue a challenge! I want to see what's in YOUR project bag..include the bag and some contents!!!

We are loading photos at flickr CLICK HERE and chatting at the Quilt Mashup Forum... CLICK HERE.

There are some REALLY cool ideas, and some SUPER funny ones!!! Post your photo and be in the running. I'm giving away fabric bundles.. and maybe something else... mmmm... you don't want to miss out do you?"

...and the Mad Hatter's challenge has been September 15th but please check out the awesome entries already. You can always sign up for the next challenge she is planning! more here

" a brand NEW swap loaded and ready for you to play! I used the Turkey Tracks block because you'll have blocks by November. And I decided on a Red/White/Blue theme for them! Roberta made up the blocks to show you how awesome they will look. It's EASY applique .."

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