Monday, September 28, 2009

Crocheted Flapper Doll Outfit

Busy crocheting a flapper outfit for a Blythe doll...please visit again soon...I have some new photos coming soon of another outfit I have completed.

I am using a Skipper doll, Barbie's little sister with the same measurements as the Blythe doll I am crocheting the dress for. Here is the top completed...I have to add the beaded fringe yet. I think outfit is turning out pretty good, however the hat is much more work than the dress...just have the beaded fringe and embellishments to add. The purse is already made front and back and only needs the chain and embellishments added. I want to complete this order as my main priority for this week.

I know this doll is really quite funny looking, but has the same size body so she is okay for using as a model.

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