Friday, September 11, 2009

I scorched my applique block with an IRON!

I had an accident with my quilting project just minutes away from completion, and I just about had a fit. I was pressing the block for photo and I accidentally scorched half of the block with my iron! I also wanted to let other members know what I did worked in case this happens to them.

I immediately ran to my computer and performed a Google search for removing iron scorches`, however most procedures were for removing scorches from iron itself, but this was more drastic...I had literally 'roasted' my finished block!

Several methods recommended hydrogen peroxide, but I did not have any in my house tht I could find. It was pouring rain out (whenever I sew, it RAINS!)I immediately ran to the store to purchase hydrogen peroxide.

I used a trial piece of fabric first to test if dye would run, but color did not run, so then I nervously tried HP solution directly on my finished block. Amazingly this removed the entire scorch from the fabric. Removal only took minutes! My DH had just come home and he wondered why I was so upset and suggested I CUT around my entire applique and stitch on a new piece of fabric. I had thought of immersing the entire block in tea to give it a vintage look...but all my HOURS of work had just looked so fresh and bright just minutes ago..)C:

Actually there is no water mark or any hint of my 'roasting' block nine. I was so relieved my block looks almost new again. I vow I will never use an iron directly on my applique block again.

If this happens to any other members, I am quite confident you can remove using the hydrogen peroxide method I found on Google.
Thank you Google for saving my hours of work!

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Anonymous said...

dear quilter, i AM about to complete a quilt I started 9 years ago. However the scorce stains are showing right through. Should I try this method of removing them? Please reply if you can. Thanks.

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