Monday, September 14, 2009

DRESSING BARBIE - crocheting vs tatting

Just some little things I like to is the last doll dress I crocheted. I used up two balls of this cotton thread and did not have enough to crochet a hat which I find usually completes an outfit properly, but here she is...I even did the hair...took me all afternoon.
You may have noticed that I am an avid DOLL collector. I started collecting dolls in 1990 when my DH presented me with a 1989 Happy Holiday Barbie doll as one of my Christmas gifts. Needless to say that doll brought me much joy, however I have been 'addicted' ever since (or obsessed as my friend's boyfriend said when he saw my doll house...yes I don't think there is one room in our house without a doll)...however I was thinking 'what to do' during my 'retirement' when I starting making dolls. Since 1994 I have taught many grandmothers porcelain doll making. What wonderful heirlooms dolls make.
My love of dolls seems to be growing as I age...even though I definitely do not purchase as many dolls. My mother even bought my doll from me from MY garage sale years before I took such an interest in doll collecting as a hobby. Perhaps Mother realized my love of dolls LONG before that as there are numerous childhood memories of Mother sewing us girls new doll clothes from 'recycled' scraps of material from a seamstress's e hoard! Both my sister and I would anxiously wait for mommy to finish our much treasured dolly outfit. I especially love a little sweater Mom knit for my dolly.
In 1991 I started making my own porcelain dolls after attending a Christmas craft sale where another doll sculptor was selling her one-of-a-kind dolls. She had sculpted a little doll which I immediately bought...believe me that doll has a face only a 'mother' could love as the face is so homely it is cute.
I had tried every hobby from cooking to stained glass and must say:
"Collecting dolls is better than doing cooking or housework!" Don't misunderstand me...I really used to love cooking and entertaining, but then something happened...having a family just was not meant to be for me....therefore I had a great excuse to spend more money on my dolls and their outfits than my own clothing. Aren't we fortunate to live in a country with luxury at our fingertips?
My DH seems to understand my love for doing my other numerous hobbies as he has taken over in my kitchen. ( is not the greatest ladies as men 'never' clean up properly). My kitchen cupboards are in terrible shape...but I must not complain.
I love crocheting outfits for Barbie, and am adding the final touches to my 39th crocheted outfit since 2004. I have a Slideshow of some of my dolls in an earlier post. I find crocheting is easier than sewing, as I can easily crochet just about anywhere (even in the car while DH is driving). In fact I started a gold outfit identical to this pink one in the car. I have spent many hours crocheting out in my gazebo. Since my DH has installed the screen, I find the mosquitoes can no longer bother me. Mind you, I went out to gather up my supplies after dinner and two little sparrows were fluttering around INSIDE my gazebo. (shhh...don't tell my little bichon birds were invading her domain...she would have devoured them..or at least tried to catch them. To our horror she had a live bird in her mouth last summer and after an hor we finally figured out how to remove the poor birdie from her mouth...poor bird never survived it's ordeal.

Now tatting is not so easy for me. I had taught myself how to needle tat last summer from online instructions, however I have since forgotten everything. I admire my friend Tatting Chic who tats beautifully...someday soon I hope to tat as Tatting Chic tats. Learning how to shuttle tat is a MUST for me to do this winter.

Little girls like to play dolls (and sometimes big girls like to dress their dolls too). Recently I volunteered to be editor for our Manitoba Doll Club. In browsing the internet I found some great doll related material. If you can't sew and love dressing dolls, you may like to check out this is FUN! Or if you have daughters, granddaughters, there are several online doll dressing sites and games to play...perhaps for those rainy days.

Sites even have doll games!

Anyways, I think I have rambled on enough for today.


"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and find they were the BIG things".


TattingChic said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am drooling over it! NOW I get the name...angelDOLL!!! I thought it was a perfectly lovely name, but now I see that it is no coincidence that you have "doll" in your userID! Very cool.

Keep tatting, my friend! If your first pieces are indication of your tatting talent you have a wealth of it waiting to come out!
Thank you for the shout are very kind! Smiles and hugs!

~TattingChic ♥

Carol Lawecki said...

Wow, this dress is GORGEOUS!!!

I love the style and the color you used on her.

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