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When you are a sewer or quilter, there usually is an abundance of needles and pins involved. Normally, a quilter also owns a pin cushion or two or three to keep the needles and pins SAFE when in use. There are several `horror`stories of those `stray` needles and pins being found in precarious places!

Well, in 2009 I was on a mission, that is a 'needle and pin' mission. Firstly, I signed up for a pin cushion swap. This was so exciting for me. I found a tutorial on the Internet to make my pin cushion to exchange, however the first sample I made was too large and looked more like a pillow than a pin cushion.

My partner was in Australia and I finally posted her pin cushion, however I will probably never know if the pin cushion I made her arrived safely or not as she never responded to my email address or posted any confirmation on her blog.

After participating in the 'swap', I made several MORE pin cushions. As I was browsing on the Internet, I noticed a really neat pin cushion KIT on a favorite BLOG site I follow. The pin cushion design really motivated me to contact the blogger. I was elated when I received a reply there was one kit remaining. I purchased the kit immediately. Actually, I also ordered the pin cushion that was already made (just in case I never did make up the kit). Well, when I received the kit, I immediately went to work and here is the result.

Once I sewed the panels together and stuffed my pin cushion, I started finishing the seams and embellished, my favorite job. I worked, or I should say 'played' as I enjoyed making this pin cushion very much. I enjoyed the summer breezes as I completed this pin cushion. Of course this was done during the summer as my gazebo is currently full of snow.
The burgundy flowers are spider roses made by using perl cotton instead of silk ribbon. Leaves are embroidered feather stitch. I used lace with little hearts to trim one seam then stitched with the herringbone stitch.

Then I made another pin cushion and here is the result of number two.

When I had collected more candle sticks and other miscellaneous items with intentions of making more. I even found some wonderful China tea cups and creamers which will make beautiful pin cushions such as the lovely one Pat displays on her blog.

Pin cushion swaps are becoming a favorite with bloggers and Flickr members. Our '2010 tea and Coffee Group' are presently doing a Pin Cushion Swap and I am looking forward to seeing all the different pin cushion ideas they exchange.

There are DOZENS of wonderful sites displaying different tutorials for making pin cushions HERE:

- SWEETHEART PIN CUSHION TUTORIAL If you do make one, feel free to share with us by adding a picture to the Happy Together Flickr Group.


Enjoy viewing all the pin cushions or TRY your creativity today..ENJOY. Oh, if you wish to post your photo here, please contact me by leaving a comment in my comment space.

I almost forgot to include a photo of the lovely pin cushion I received from Carla. I will cherish this forever as I can appreciate all Carla's work.


Carla said...

Imagine my surprise looking for a special pincushion and find mine! LOL

marlie said...

I just came upon your site searching for an interesting pin cushion to make for myself as a creative project. I love the idea of the base since I have several brass candle holders that I was ready to put in a garage sale.Hopefully I can do as well as you did.thank you for sharing your project I really enjoyed your write up. Marilyn from Newfoundland , Canada

Cloudy Stitches said...

This is a fantastic idea
Thankyou so much for sharing

Cloudy Stitches said...

This is a fantastic idea
Thankyou so much for sharing

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