Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dog Booties versus Commercial Booties.

I was feeling terribly guilty whenever my husband took our little bichon dog, Marlee for a walk. The winter temperatures were frigidly cold...minus 30 Celsius degrees and I would often see my husband carrying our dog home as he warmed her little paws in his hand.

In past winters, I had tried purchasing at least four or five different styles of booties for my dog's feet, but nothing seemed to work.

So I performed a Google search and sewed a pattern I found on a website. And the booties actually worked. One did come off when Marlee decided to dash through a two foot deep pile of snow, however my husband took her back about five days late and would you believe, Marlee actually sniffed the lost bootie out of the snow bank?

All we really needed was something to prevent ice from forming between her toes.

Here is a brief tutorial.

1. Fold fleece or fabric you wish to use.

2. Cut four 4 by 8 inch strips from a soft fleece fabric.

3. Sew a round circle of upholstery fabric (somehting for grip) to the folded end. I used a glass to mark the circle then zig zagged it to the right or outside of the fleece.

Here is a picture of one pattern I used for my guide here:

4. Sew 3 inch strips of Velcro (soft part) approximately four inches from the 'toe' end.

5. Sew a two-inch piece of wide elastic to the Velcro with the hooks. I sewed this part into the seam or under the soft part, making sure when you wrap this part around your dog's foot so the hooks fasten to soft Velcro attached earlier.

6. Curve the 'toe' ends of your rectangular pieces using a saucer.

7. Sew side seams catching the hook part of Velcro. You can sew top of tube booties if you desire.

Now try them on your dog's foot and take your pet for a may want to make a second pair if these booties are too large for your pet.

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