Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I completed this outfit Sunday night (between cross stitching and quilt I really enjoyed designing and making the accessories, using some jewelry from last summer's garage sale finds and pieces of chain remaining from another set. I made up the pattern for the hat as the dress pattern did not include a hat, but I decided this outfit will be perfect for those bright summer afternoon outings.It feels so GOOD to complete another WIP. Finding crocheting a very relaxing hobby, I enjoyed working on this dress while I watched curling on TV. This dress is Number 28 of the dresses I have made. Would you believe I also have purchased 29 similar dolls from a friend of mine! Then my other friend said I should start making my own and I have been hooked (pun) ever since! The last doll I complete is usually my favorite, so I will keep this for awhile before I decide to part with her. Now I have a black and pink gown in the works and have a black haired My Scene doll in mind to dress. I never rest, however I am very thankful for my eyesight and patience. (C:

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Sharon said...

You commented on the variegated blue butterfly shown on my blog and asked if I do custom orders. I don't generally make things for sale as tatting is MUCH more time consuming than crochet. I could crochet a whole granny square in the length of time it takes me to do one round of a small tatted motif. I am primarily a designer and the patterns are sold by way on the quarterly newsletter I do.
The blue butterfly was in the August 2005 issue of the Tatted Lace Pattern Collection seen here:
CAN I do custom orders? Yes, but that little butterfly is about 3 inches square and represents about 7 hours work. Would you want to pay $35 for one little butterfly? Probably not, I know I wouldn't, but making it is a huge investment of time I can't really spare. If you or your friend are interested in more tatting stuff, I can be reached through my website at

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