Friday, February 29, 2008

More WIP's Finished

I have also started some new stitches on my crazy patch block #4, however I am not too happy with my 'initial' waste canvas technique ..hopefully my stitching will improve with practice as I think the larger size WC would have worked better! Now I will do the other seams. Please check back later to see the embellishments. I also learned from this (my very first CP) to use plain fabric so my stitching is not 'lost'!
I have almost completed the other three squares. These squares are 18 inches square and I have learned this is too large a size for a beginner like me! Because I loved the embellishing part, my poor husband is disappointed as he thought I was making a large 'QUILT' to keep him warm...alas this may be a wall hanging instead!
Yes, my Mystery Quilt is almost finished as I had set sewing aside before Christmas anticipating and my Dad's hospital stay. Remaining work on my quilt is sewing the five rows of blocks together and adding the inner/outer borders. Then I will post a picture. The fabrics are all batiks and I am quite pleased with the end result even though I had an unfortunate dilema with the background fabric. Would you believe the color of the dyes looked PEACHY...ALMOST ORANGE in my home lighting instead of the blue/green shades in the quilt shop! This mystery quilt is quite an invesment as I selected different fabric for background!
I feel very good today as I also completed a crocheted outfit for another one of my naked Barbie dolls. I find crocheting can be done much easier than other crafts. I will photo once accessories are done.
I also have supplies ready to start Pamela's Spring SAL. I am participating in the robin-spring themed project because my Dad, who passed away February 6th, 2008 loves robins and most other birds. His favorite hobby was building all sizes and shapes of birdhouses for their cottage at Clear lake.
Please see my other WIP's and completed projects here:
"When I count my stitches I count all my BLESSINGS too."

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