Thursday, May 1, 2008


The bottom seam is something I just 'made up' ...was very confused what design to do - as usual, so just used some straight stitches for now. Sometimes I think I am too 'anal retentive' or fussy to do this free style work...(C:
After asking for hubby's 'approval', I added the beads to the TOP lace seam just this morning and am quite pleased so far...I must have tried 20 different beads before I felt these burgundy beads looked okay. (I guess). Any comments about what to do would be appreciated. Perhaps I should sign up for Sharon B's online course about crazy quilting as I LOVE stitching these blocks, however find ideas for properly embellishing can be over whelming at times. I see so many BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT blocks you ladies stitch..

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Crazy Life
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