Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Love to Hand Applique

I never thought I would be sewing in the summer, especially machine sewing. However, if you are like me, I am wondering if all these hot flushes are due to the temperature or is it just me? Last summer I enjoyed both the weather and the outdoors atmosphere while I passionately stitched my different hand projects, however, recent temperatures have been in the three digits! I am not complaining as I would sooner be comfortably sewing in my air conditioned home than pulling weeds anyway!

Well, I never thought I would see the day, but would you believe the weather yesterday was even too hot for my DH, so I did not feel "guilty" when I resumed sewing my scrappy blocks for my Sister's Star project. I also sewed another block for the terrific Summer Star Quilt Along. What fun doing these free online quilt alongs! Bradie Sparrow who generously writes up the Summer Star tutorials is excellent in her photos and instructions! Thank you kindly Bradie. Yahoo!

2009 was a terrific year for renewing my love for hand work in completing my favorite project, A Tisket A Tasket quilt. Who couldn`t help but LOVE the wonderful patterns offered generously by Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs. What a terrific and talented quilter and person! And I also love Anne`s blogs!
I always admire subjects other bloggers choose and today was quite a chore for me. However, I decided to post my latest hand applique block, my sixth block for the Flickr 2010 Tea and Coffee Related Quilt Along group. In designing my block, I had an idea to add a bird to this block as I did my first and second blocks, however I will have to think on this one. Because I enjoy adding embellishments to my work, this block is intended to be a wall hanging quilt. I plan to make four different season groupings, so please check back and I may have some further ideas in progress. My mind is always meditating different plans. In the meantime, I just enjoy the mood my sewing creates! I certainly find I am more productive behind my sewing machine or needle than my TV set. I also used to be an avid golfer, but I cannot imagine how distressing I would find this heat! Perhaps I am just getting too old!!!
Have a nice day everyone!

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Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Your block looks gorgeous....very pretty with the lace :D

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