Monday, May 25, 2009

Will the rain ever stop?

Just wondering what to blog about and feel rather blue this morning as it is raining again after such a beautiful sunny day yesterday! I also wish the hydrangea plant I purchased locally would bloom like this photo I captured in the conservatory, safe from the stress of our harsh Canadian winters...and springs. I realize we all need rain at this time of year for flowers and garden to fluorish, however we have had enough already and I especially feel sorry for those poor farmers who patiently survived our recent flood and are eager to plant their crops. I sincerely hope it is not too late! Some places even had frost just a few days ago. Mother nature is dealing us another very late summer and we have waited so long.

On rainy days like this I QUILT. I did assemble some 25 blocks from a Log Cabin seminar I enrolled in several years ago. I had lost the original pattern however recently found 'Geese in the Cabin' pattern in one of my quilting books. After a couple of satisfying sewing days last week, much hesitation and procrastination, one WIP is almost done. Now for the border. Any feedback, suggestions would be most helpful as the border I choose will make a such a difference and I do not want to put this WIP back in the drawer. It would be wonderful to complete one quilt in 2009!


"A day patched with quilting seldom unravels."
'Happy Stitching' to all my blogger friends out there wherever you may be visiting.

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Sandra said...

I hope sun is coming your way, that hydrangea looks so beautiful. I have a few of them in my garden, no flowers yet though. Hope you finish that WIP!

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