Tuesday, May 18, 2010

....sorry I have not blogged for awhile...


I am sorry I have not forgotten you. My computer was in for service for two weeks, but my computer has been repaired...thankfully...Now I have no reason not to blog. Oh how much I missed you all, my computer and blogging friends!

However, now that summer is here, I have had time to spend outdoors working in my garden also, but my other 'winter' hobbies have not been too far away. It seems I can never sit still. I have finished several works in progress for 2010 as I was feeling quilty about starting something NEW, but with money from my birthday to spend, I also had a great reason to shop and spend it on guess what...yes, of course...more fabric! My puppy had first attention with a new hair cut, and more treats, but then when I had more money from another order for a custom made doll outfit, I had money to spend JUST ON ME!

I am sharing with you my last three projects:

1. crocheted flapper dress for a Blythe doll. This is the fourth custom order for the same client; she requested black with a 'flash' of HOT pink. I used a very ugly doll for my model therefore did not want to photo her face...aren't I mean?

2. completed mystery cross stitch picture.
I finished at last. I truly think this is the longest project I have completed as total time involved tallies up to more than three hundred hours of stitching! Can you believe it?

3. first four blocks for my Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along

I found these excellent tutorials for these EIGHT pinwheel sampler blocks here:

But I am now able to enjoy all my efforts and not feel so guilty as I work on my new quilt! As ever I am 'forever stitching, but feel blessed and Happy2Sew!

Please feel free to see my other projects on Flickr.


"A day patched with quilting seldom unravels."

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