Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Now what do I do next...


The eye doctor instructed her patient to read a chart on the wall.

He Looked at it and read, "A, B, F, N, L and G."

The doctor turned the light back on and wrote in her notebook.

"How'd I do, Doc?" the patient wondered.

She replied, "Let's put it this way -- they're numbers."

"But Doc," he argued, "this is the way I see it!"

Much of my happiness or unhappiness is a result of my perception.
"This is the way I see it," I tell myself.

I see some problems as challenges that energize me to action and
others as obstacles that stop further progress. It's just the way I
see it.

And sometimes I see new situations as fun, and other times I see them
as fearful.

The busyness of my life can be OK if I see it that way, or it can be
a major source of stress. And an unexpected intrusion in my schedule
can be an irritant or, if I see it that way, possibly the most
important thing I could do that day.

Even an embarrassing mistake can be the beginning of a new learning
or an occasion to berate myself. It's in the way I see it.

One of the greatest blocks to my happiness is forgetting that it is
not always about what is happening to me -- it's more about the way I
see it.

Like Marcel Proust said,

"The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." It's in the way we see it.

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