Friday, December 21, 2007


The outfit is finished and I can honestly say I do love the color yellow NOW. I crocheted this entire outfit for this doll using these bright (and I do mean BRIGHT) beads my friend gave me. I was already doing a project and really would no thave selected the color, however when I tried crocheting a couple of rows using black thread I LOVED the effect and knew that I would have no problem completing the outfit.
I have many other hobbies but find crocheting these dresses very therapeutic and convenient to do whenever and almost wherever I go. Now this project is complete I am working on another project that is in my WIP stash. I had taken a crazy patch course in August and am HOOKED! Love it. I almost finished four eighteen inch blocks however ran out of ideas and silk ribbon. While I was waiting for my ebay order of silk ribbon order to arrive from Australia, I visited my local quilt store and discovered a lady selecting beautiful fabrics for a 'mystery' quilt. The 'mystery' idea captivate me and one of the sales clerks selected five gorgeous fabrics...need I say more! My husband just picked up the sixth and last set of instructions to assemble the quilt so I will be able to finish this probably right after Christmas. My table where I normally sew has Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped.
Now, my puppy must have heard me typing away and wants some attention...will go for now...until my next idea pops up.."Merry Christmas Everyone" and I do like to keep the word Christ in Christmas.

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